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Unison 1

Helga - Features

Helga 1.0

Two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO)
- Generates sine, up and down ramps, a square wave and a random waveform
- Frequency is midi syncable as well as syncable to an external pulse
Two alias-free Oscillators (VCO)
- Generates any mix of a ramp and a variable duty cycle pulse wave
- The pulse wave duty cycle can be modulated with an LFO or an ENV generator
- The output of both VCO's can be integrated to generate different waveforms
- Sync and ring modulation
Envelope generators (ENV)
- ADSR type (Attach, Decay, Sustain, Release)
- Velocity and aftertouch sensitive
- Four-pole resonant low-pass/high-pass filter
- Has its own ENV generator for cutoff modulation
- Cutoff frequency can be further modulated with the LFO's and can track the keyboard pitch
Source Mixer
- White-noise source
- External input
Keyboard processor
- 32 voice polyphony max
- Polyphonic and unison mode with portamento
- Pitchbend and modulation wheels
- Microtuning with 12 preset tone scales
Delay Effect
- LFO modulated
- Tempo Syncable
- All parameters are MIDI controllable

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System Requirements
Detailed technical specifications for each platform.
Sound Examples
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A demonstration version.
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