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Press Material

Here are Press Packs for Kiesel Software products for members of the press.

These Press Packs contain screen shot images of the product that can be used without permission, given they are not change in any other way than resized.

Each pack contains UI images in the following format:

  • [Productname]_screenshot.jpg
    Full size image for web
  • [Productname]_screenshot_half.jpg
    Half size image for web
  • [Productname]_screenshot.tif
    Image in print media on PC
  • [Productname]_screenshot_mac.tif
    Image in print media on Mac
  • [Productname].txt
    Text file with general product information and feature list

These packs are packed together in a .zip file.

Press Packs

Kiesel Software Logo

Here is the Kiesel Software Logo in an .ai file with logo guidelines.

Other images

If you need any other images or images in another format, please contact press@kiesel.is.

Product reviews

If you would like to do a product review you can contact us at press@kiesel.is and we will arrange a Not For Resale version of our product for you.

Demo and Freeware distribution on CD's

If you would like to distribute our demos or freeware products on a CD with your magazine contact us at press@kiesel.is.

Demo and Freeware download links on web pages

If you would like to give your web page users the ability to download our product demos or freeware we prefer if you do it by directly pointing the download link to our server.

This is so we can update these files and so your user will always get the newest version available.

If you need any help in doing this please contact press@kiesel.is.

It would also be nice if you can notify us of this linking so we can contact you if something changes.

Notify us of any press coverage

We would like it if you could notify us of any press coverage.