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Helga 1.0.3 now available

A new build of Helga is now available in the User Area.

This is a maintenance release, fixing some issues specific to FL studio and Ableton Live.

Also added is an auto-store feature for programs.

Registered owners of Helga can download this new version for free.

2004 summer electronic Music games

Kiesel Software is proud to be sponsoring the 2004 summer electronic Music games held by sectionz.com which will start on June the 16th.

These games are a series of 12 challenges that will put all types of electronic musicians to the test. See more about in the calendar of events.

Our product Helga will be among the prices given to the winners of these challenges.

Click here to see the sectionz.com review on Helga.

Helga version 1.0.2 now available

New in this version:

  • Tempo sync to the delay
  • Program bank loading and saving and user-selectable start-up presets
  • Updated Manual
  • Fixed errors and issues

Registered owners of Helga can download this new version for free from the User Area.

Kiesel Software releases Helga

Kiesel Software has released Helga, which is a polyphonic analog-modeling synthesizer.

This release is a VST instrument and effect for the Windows platform and is available through the Kiesel Software's online store as a direct download.

Helga Demo version now availible

In preparation of the release of Helga 1.0 VSTi for Windows a demo version has been made available in the download section.

Demo limitations:

  • Programs are not stored in the program bank
  • Program banks can not be saved or loaded from files
  • After 15 minutes worth of audio output, the plugin will stop without warning
  • There is no Manual or support provided for the Demo version

More information can be found on the Helga product page.

Kiesel Software in the Icelandic news

Kiesel Software gets a good review in the main TV news at The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV). The story was about the women entrepreneurs trade show in Akureyri and it said that Kiesel Software was the most interesting company at the trade show as it is the first audio software company in Iceland.

The local TV station, Aksjón, interviewed the CEO and the interview will be shown on a special segment about the trade show.

Kiesel Software visits Akureyri, Iceland

Kiesel Software will be taking part in a trade show dedicated to women entrepreneurs and their companies. The trade show is held in four different locations around Iceland and the last stop is Akureyri on the 21st and 22nd of November.

The Akureyri part of the show will be in Ketilshús in the town center and opening hours are 16:00-18:00 on Friday and 13:00 – 18:00 on Saturday.

Helga Rakel, the CEO of Kiesel Software, will contribute to the conference held in connection with the trade show, where she will talk about the experience of being a woman entrepreneur in the Icelandic software industry.

Airwaves report: Can't talk, need sleep.

... how to describe the Airwaves experience. From the laidback seriousness of Ampop to the attention grabbing antics of Trabant and all the way to the clubthumping bodymass of Gus Gus, this is something you just don't want to miss, ever, and it gets better every time.

Looking back at the schedule we're struck with the number of acts we didn't catch. The schedule was hectic and it's a testament to the vitality of the Icelandic music scene that you need a team of people just to cover the highlights.

Our most sincere apologies to Einar Örn for missing his concert although we thoroughly enjoyed his surprise performance with Gus Gus. This was undoubtedly the absolute climax of the festival. The totally packed house went absolutely crazy.

And there's still one more party to go to...

The first Kiesel Software product

Helga will be the first Kiesel Software product to be released.

Helga is a polyphonic analog modeling synthesizer and the first release will be for VST 2.0 hosts on the Windows platform.

Helga overview