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Helga Rakel Guđrúnardóttir

Founder and CEO of Kiesel Software

Helga has been working in the computer business for many years. Before she co-founded Kiesel Software she had been working in software quality control and process management.

Even though she is not a musician herself, her life has been filled with music. She was brought up listening to everything from operas and Irish folk songs to heavy metal and techno.

As a teenager she tried to become a DJ but the dance floor had more attraction. Nowadays she enjoys watching music being created, from the first tune to the final mix and release.

It gives here great joy to be able to contribute to the music business with her work at Kiesel Software.

Jóhann Ţórir Jóhannsson

Founder and CTO of Kiesel Software

Jóhann has a background in mathematics but has been working in software development for many years. As a CTO he manages all Research & Development work at Kiesel Software.

Jóhann started playing music as a teenager and soon developed an interest in electronic music. His music creation is private and he has no need to publish it in any way. As he has a lot of software experience he has often made his own audio software for private use for his music creation.

By founding Kiesel Software he made his dream come true by working with the two things he loves the most, programming and music.